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We did something new today!

Yesterday, we knew we had a calf coming soon, so we kept checking in on the mom. Finally, we knew it was time, so we went on a Live Facebook video on our Batz Farm page to show everyone the birth of the calf.  At first it was a lot of waiting for her to lay down and push. The kids and I kept trying to get closer for a better view and to video it, but the mom seemed to want us to back up a little, so we did. Finally, she lay down and started pushing pretty good. She gave two long groans and moos and stood up. The calf was hanging upside down with it’s back legs still inside of her! One more good push and the baby came falling to the ground. At first it didn’t move, and I was worried! I moved closer and saw that she was blinking, and mom immediately started cleaning her off. It was amazing!

The calf just born in the pasture.

As part of our Make-A-Wish fundraiser, we decided to do a bid to name the calf! Highest bidder could pick her name, and all of the proceeds would go to Make-A-Wish for the kids! It was a fun day of friendly competition.  The bidding ended at 8:00 pm with the winner being Rhonnda B. with a very generous donation of $80! Rhonnda was a new visitor to our farm who had come for Winter Baby Goat Snuggles with her husband Dave. She has a huge love of animals, as evidenced when she got right down on the ground to cuddle with our other calf Jessie.

Rhonnda with Jessie

Rhonnda decided on the name Ginger for our new calf!

Meet Ginger!


Thank you to everyone who also commented with very generous bids, we appreciate your support… and we will definitely be doing this again!

We will not be holding Baby Goat Snuggling Sessions or any farm events in 2024. After much thinking, praying, and talking we have decided that this is the best decision for our family this year. As much as we will miss all of our visitors, we strongly believe that God has other plans for us. Kim has taken a full-time position teaching middle school at a local Christian school. While that is much different than being on the farm, she is enjoying it very much and hopes to be able to impact the lives of the “kids” she’s working with now! We will continue to sell bulk farm-raised beef, so continue following us for that! If you’d like to be added to our butcher date list, please email us at batzfarmpa@gmail.com.Thank you all, again, for making the past 5 years such a blessing! From our family to yours- Happy New Year!

Thank you for a great season of Baby Goat Snuggling Sessions & events! Our 2023 season has now ended.

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