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Baby Goat Yoga w/ Melanie


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Relax and listen to the sounds of the farm, while enjoying a peaceful yoga experience with adorable baby goats! Led by the amazing Melanie Wells.

Bring your own mat (not your best one!) and a water bottle.

Price is per person.

As a special fundraiser, Batz Farm is donating a portion of the yoga sales from Tuesday, May 11th to an organization called Pillows of Love.  Pillows of Love, a non-profit organization located in Palmyra, is committed to providing women and children with a new handmade pillowcase and Bible upon arrival at local shelters. Each pillowcase is intimately created, from the selection of vibrant fabric to the meticulous stitch work of our volunteers. The pillowcases are printed with the following Psalm, “May the Lord give you sleep, peace and a safe place to dwell.” Since its inception almost 20 years ago, Pillows of Love has created and provided almost 50,000 pillowcases and Bible to women and children. We are inviting you to join us in our effort to further the mission of Pillows of Love, whose sole purpose is to provide comfort to women and children as they begin a new journey through the simplicity of a pillowcase and Bible through goat yoga at Batz Farm.

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May 1, 2021, May 11, 2021, May 27, 2021


10:00-11:00, 6:00-7:00


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